Posted in Home on October 8, 2008 by Mia

Welcome to Kahliya!
A world tuned to Harmony ,Beauty and Nature ! :)
Promoting Soul invested handcraft within total respect & celebration of all creation; Delivering a message of Love, and actively contributing to relations of Peace among ALL.

Here is a video in which I share a bit of Kahliya`s Philosophy and work process..

Kahliya is about sharing Love and Beauty with you..the love I have for creation itself and all the wonderful players in it.. the beauty I find and wish to share glimpses of, celebrating it through my work, incorporating all the natural gifts of source in the purest form possible, in total respect and appreciation .It is this Joy and celebration I wish to pass on to you.. I am hopeful that upon experiencing one of kahliya`s products , this energy..this love is felt and fills you up..

Much Love

I invite you to take a walk with me revisiting  Kahliya`s Journey through the different phases  since  it`s initial Birth …Enjoy!



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