My name is Mia Leventhal.

I am a Plastic Artist & Handcraft Artisan.

Born in N.Y, I have traveled to several different countries; residing in

Israel, Paris and in Turkey, Cyprus, England and currently resettling in a small village in Provence, the South of France, very near the area where Mary Magdalene spent the last 30 yrs of her life..

Pursuing a spiritual Journey for quite some time now, I love discovering

various cultures. Fascinated by the special colorful aspects each

culture adds to this Earth, I equally enjoy rediscovering the extent to

which we resemble, especially upon following our roots..!

It is within this crossroads of cultural roots that I have learned to

understand and appreciate the basic truth of all creation:

The respect of our Creator; of One Another; of Animals as of Earth

itself. It is upon the discovery of this amazing crossroads that

” Kahliya ” was born. The origins of the name are derived from –

”Kalyan” in Sanscrit which means Beautiful and ”Kallias/Kallos” in

Ancient Greek which means Beauty, joining to form a special kind of

Beauty, the Beauty found in the union of ”different worlds” , creating

one beautiful world, Our world.

In my work I try to stay attuned to Earth, applying to the extent

possible from her riches in their most natural form , with my full

appreciation; while in other cases, I enjoy renewing Life to materials

and products who once told another story. It is from the cultures that

continue to embrace their roots that I have learned the love of

creativity; of the process in which our love and soul energy is molded

into an item we are creating, enabling us to enjoy this process as well

as ensure that this object will continue to carry our invested love,

communicating it to the person who possesses it.

I am devoted to these principles as I personally create unique pieces

in a constant renewed  variety.

I enjoy my work, I hope you enjoy it too!

Mia Leventhal.


18 thoughts on “About

  1. Only a beautiful soul like yours can expres itself so profoundly
    Thanks Mia for sharing it with us and yhanks for being you
    uncle Jacques

  2. Heey =)

    I loved everything u do .. ur designs , ur ideas , and the way u think .. Ur my master xD

    Hope to see you again in july ..
    Ur fan .. Z

  3. Hey Z!

    Im blushing..! With fans as talented and intelligent as you, we could start a great new country..on the moon…? 🙂

  4. Hellow from siberian snows!

    Enjoyed looking at you site, it was like talking to your again.

    Missing you and your little beautiful world so much…

  5. Hi there sophie!

    Thank you! You are welcome to visit any time..! 🙂
    Always even more inspired by people like you..
    Hope to be able to see you again some time soon..

  6. mia my love i am very happy that i know i person like you…….. i hope you will stay in cyprus…….. keep on mooving girl…….. love ya

  7. Mia this is a beautiful site. When we are old and sitting in our patio, we want to reflect on all the times we tried something without being sure of the outcome. We do not want to think, “Icould have” or “wish I had”. We want to have great stories. This could be one of yours.

    1. Thank you so much Moses,thats such a very nice thought!You have a lot to do with making this happen,I am forever grateful for your initial help and push! Thank you! 🙂 Much Love

  8. Oh, I love love love your beautiful creations!! And I love this site and everything you talk about here!! 🙂 I especially loved those creations under “Joy” and “Love”. You are so talented and wonderful! 🙂

    1. Gosh Dear Line..You are a bursting bubble of pure delight*..thank you soo much for blessing my space with your wonderful energy 🙂 Shine on Dear one…

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