Your Love


20 thoughts on “Your Love

  1. Hi Mia. It’s nice to see how much thought you put into developing your site.
    The most special thing about your work is that it’s obviously made with lots of love. I wish you lots of luck with your store and everything else you do – you deserve it! I also really hope we’ll get to meet one day.

  2. Thank you so much Cristen for your kind words,aswell as for the inspiration and guiding tips without which I would not have been able to
    take this step.Im confident we will meet.Actually,Ill make a deal with you..As you set out on your world trip these days (,the minute you hit the most fabulous exotic spot,just ring a bell,and THAT`S where Ill come out to meet you! 🙂 Deal?
    Have an AMAZING trip!

  3. Merhaba! Nasilisin? çok uzun zaman gorusmedık, ben iyiyim.
    yeni web site çok güzel! senin elişi yaptığın malzemeleri çok beğeniyorum.
    gelecek ayda benim arkadaşın evlılik partısi var. o zaman için ben de şimdi kuçuk bir çanta elişi olalak yapıyorum. guzel olursa sanada fotograf gonderecegim.
    mutluluklar dılerım.

  4. Sagol yuki canim! seni cok ozledim!
    Hayirli olsun senin arkadasin evlilik icin,ve tabi ki senin canta gormek istiyorum,harika sana!

  5. oh ohh siz yabancilara aferin valla // benden daha guzel TURKCE konusuyor ve yaziyorsunuz .. ne kadar guzel sey sizlerin bu elisi merakinizdan dolayi bulusmaniz.. ve ayrica mia seninde yeni yilini kutlarim ve mutluluk dilerim sana

  6. Yok ya…! Okadar iyi degil..ama ogreniyorum..
    Cok sagol canim! Bu gunler ”online” dukkan aciyorum..burda bir link gelabilirsiniz, cay icicaz..! 🙂 keske…

  7. Mia,
    It’s beautiful… now I know what you’ve been up to – haven’t heard a word from you for months and now I know why! You really did it. It looks great, lady! I’m looking forward to seeing all the amazing creations you’ve made… especially the clothes!
    I hope to see you again soon, but in the meantime, I feel like I can see you whenever I like on this site. =)

  8. Hey Ag!
    Thanx a bunch!This is all your ‘fault’! hahahaha 🙂
    Thanx for pushing me into it aswell as for all your love and support!
    As for the clothes…..hmmmm just you wait and see….!
    huge hug

  9. What beautiful work, Mia! It’s evident how much love and care go into your handiwork. By the way, you left some lovely messages on my site (thank you!!) but I don’t know your e-mail address in order to sign you up to my recipe club! If you go back to my site to the “sign up to my recipe club” page, click on the “email me” link to send me a direct e-mail. Thanks again and keep up your wonderful work!

  10. I have your Rose Massage Oil on my dresser, so that I have access to it every day. Sometimes I just open the bottle and take in the aroma – it sends pure love into my whole being. I think of beauty, peace and perfection. Thank you for sharing your amazing gifts with the world!

  11. Thank you so much Dear Julie!
    I am touched and so pleased you are able to be touched by the pure love involved in the creation of Kahliya`s products!
    Much love to you

  12. ‘Ben Ames’ commented on Kahliya`s Healing massage oil “Rustic”:
    “Wow! I Love this Massage Oil!!!! It has a wonderfully earthy fragrance. One of the best features is how it soaks into the skin. Artificial oils and fragrances can pool on top of the skin. This massage oil soaks in naturally and leaves what I will call a soft shimmer as opposed to an oily brightness. You may have to offer larger sizes though if I am going order from Israel! 😀 Thanks so much Mia!”

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