Soul Inspirations – Message Cards


Kahliya`s “Soul Inspirations” cards are messages created to guide you on your journey, always carrying positive inspiration to uplift and carry you towards manifesting your Higher self!
Messages are my own material channeled from source, printed upon images, photographed mainly in Nature, by myself.

Choose individual cards to keep as a reminder, an affirmation,to frame or offer as an upliftment for a friend, or better yet, I invite you to play with them as Oracle cards, choosing a card for a message in a time of need!

The cards are available in a set of 10 cards or a set of 50 Cards, each set comes in a lovely Handmade Pouch.

The Cards have a Matte finish and their Dimensions are approx. 15 cm X 10.5 cm /
5.90 inch x 4.13 inch, which is a post card size, larger than tarot cards.

On Kahliya’s Journal ”Kahliyalogue” as well as on Instagram and Kahliya’s Facebook page, you will find regular Divine Guidance messages which I channel, explaining current energies, based on these cards , where you can understand the messages on these cards more in depth.
You are welcome to follow this support for your journey!

*All messages and Images are original copyright material by Myself : Mia Leventhal for Kahliya.